Is Christ Is enough for me?

Last Sunday we sang the song "Christ is Enough", by Hillsong, in our worship service.  All week I have had the lyrics of this fabulous song running through my head. When I had my accident in 1990, Jesus Christ was already an important part of my life.  With this foundation I was able to let … Continue reading Is Christ Is enough for me?

Eternity in View – Chapter 4 – The Accident

Previous Chapter   ∗  Gymnastics Videos When we returned home from the beach, I was anxious to get back into the gym. I was now a class I and would have new routines to learn for the upcoming year. The last week in July, our team attended a gymnastics camp in Allentown, Pennsylvania. These trips were always refreshing … Continue reading Eternity in View – Chapter 4 – The Accident

Never Forsaken

This morning in church we sang an incredible song by Meredith Andrews-Not For a Moment (After All). Not for a moment will You forsake me This one line in particular stood out to me and really made me appreciate the great sacrifice Jesus made at the cross.  The Bible gives us many promises of God, … Continue reading Never Forsaken

Tested Genuineness

We are all molded by the people, surroundings, and other influences that we grow up, in, and around, and by the trials we endure. Some things become integral parts of who we are and are genuine aspects of our being. If something is truly genuine, there is absolutely nothing that can change it under any … Continue reading Tested Genuineness

Gymnastics videos-Regional and National Championships

These are my gymnastics routines from the 1990 Regional and National Championships. Many thanks to Ben Pressel, who consistently video-taped all of our competitions during the 1990 season and provided me with the videos. My best events were always High bar and floor exercise and my worst Pommel horse and rings. 1990 Region 7 Gymnastics … Continue reading Gymnastics videos-Regional and National Championships