We are living in strange and challenging times. No matter what decisions our leaders make and what happens, no one can know for sure whether a different course of action regarding this virus and the economy would have yielded better results. It is comforting to know that God is still in control. He knows the … Continue reading ETERNAL OUTLOOK

Who Deserves My Vote?

With the final debate complete and less than two weeks until the election, have you made up your mind? When I look at the candidates running in the 2020 Presidential election, I see two vastly different individuals. Which, if any, deserves my vote? The short answer is that neither deserves a vote nor the opportunity … Continue reading Who Deserves My Vote?

Why Can’t We All Just, Get Along?

I watch the news and see the shooting, rioting, and protesting that has erupted around the country. It saddens me that people cannot put personal differences aside and live in harmony with one another. Allow me to quote from Jack Nicholson in Mars Attacks...1 It does not matter what anyone has done or will do … Continue reading Why Can’t We All Just, Get Along?

Looking at COVID-19 With Eternity in View

We are living in unprecedented times right now. The whole world is engaged in a war, not with each other, but against a common enemy that has no regard for race or nationality. A virus is wreaking havoc and killing tens of thousands of individuals, most notably the elderly, in a very short amount of … Continue reading Looking at COVID-19 With Eternity in View

To Vote or Not to Vote, and What’s Important

I have been listening to a lot of talk about the election coming up on Nov. 8, an election in which we are being presented with two arguably inept individuals from which we are left to choose, not necessarily who would be the best candidate for the job of President of the ¬†United States, but … Continue reading To Vote or Not to Vote, and What’s Important

Small Groups and the Body of Christ

Small groups are a vital¬†part of the ministry in the church. The uncommon community that develops within the church through small groups is amazing. Imagine people coming together from different walks of life under the common banner of a life to be lived for Christ, putting aside personal feelings and motives for the greater good … Continue reading Small Groups and the Body of Christ

A Call to Arms!

The last two mornings I was awakened up to an hour early with a burden on my heart to pray for our church, and especially the men in our church. This past Sunday evening, I was privileged to take part in what I would call the most powerful event I have ever attended. Our church … Continue reading A Call to Arms!