Omnipresence, Quarks, and Time

This post is a follow-up to my article Omnipresence and Free Will. If you have not read that post already, I encourage you to start there before continuing below. In my previous post, I addressed the argument that omnipresence eliminates any possibility of free will. The argument contended that God's presence encompasses every physical particle … Continue reading Omnipresence, Quarks, and Time

Omnipresence and Free Will

Today's post is one that I have been thinking a lot about for the last several weeks, and I'm excited to publish it. It is about the reality of God's omnipresence. God exists everywhere. Does it then follow that every molecule of the physical universe is a part of or extension of God Himself? One … Continue reading Omnipresence and Free Will

Ignorance and God – Part III

This post is a continuation of the Jesus Who? series. If you have not been following along, I recommend going back to catch up via the following links (Jesus Who?, Ignorance and God - Part II) While we cannot fully know the mind of God, we can speculate that a loving God who does not … Continue reading Ignorance and God – Part III

Ignorance and God – Part I

Today I will continue with the Jesus Who? series. Last time, in Without Excuse! we saw that every individual is without excuse regarding the knowledge of God and moral responsibility for one's actions, and that no one deserves salvation. So whereas it may be unfortunate, there may be some who have no basis for a … Continue reading Ignorance and God – Part I

Do God and the Bible Condone Evil? – Part II

Last time, we looked at the presence of evil in the world and the ultimate solution found in Christ Jesus. We will now look at the amount of wickedness and types of disasters that we observe in the world around us.  Critics argue that God commanded or condoned murders and killing, not just of wicked … Continue reading Do God and the Bible Condone Evil? – Part II