God is in control

By humbling me in this way, God gave me the unique opportunity to reflect on my life and allowed me to see many ways He is working in the world around me.

God had placed the right people into my life at just the right time and at just the right place to effectively minister to me and provide opportunities that I needed to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually in my relationship with God.

When I was two years old, my mother and father were divorced and my mom was forced to raise my brother and me by herself until I was age 8.  Because she had to raise my brother and I as a single parent, she exhibited a lot of patience. Living with a disability definitely requires patience because just about everything now takes longer and is more difficult.  When I was 10, my mother married again to a man I am proud to say was the best father that I could ever have asked for.  He loves the Lord Jesus, and this has been very apparent as I have grown up watching him.  Along with the personal qualities that made him a great father, he was an attorney.  With my disability came numerous legal battles that God had prepared us for in advance, just by the composition of our family.  Through my time in gymnastics I also learned perseverance.  The patience, perseverance and knowledge that God is in control of ever detail of our lives helped immensely in my rehabilitation after my accident and in every aspect of my life.

One thought on “God is in control

  1. When we were in high school and you came back after the accident, I used to think it couldn’t have happened to a worse guy (young, athletic, lots going for him) and yet I also KNEW it couldn’t have happened to a better guy. Just because of how you handled it, even back then. You amazed so many people–they would tell me, but weren’t comfortable telling you. And now, years later, watching how you have grown… and acknowledging how God uses all things for good… and how you want to use your life to be a positive presence and example to others— I would still say it couldn’t have happened to a worse guy but it also couldn’t have happened to a better guy. Christ’s wisdom and timing is SO much more perfect than ours, even if it’s not the way “we” would do things or the outcome “we” would think is best. Looking forward to reading more posts!

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