The last two mornings I was awakened up to an hour early with a burden on my heart to pray for our church, and especially the men in our church. This past Sunday evening, I was privileged to take part in what I would call the most powerful event I have ever attended. Our church held a men’s convocation, in which we were all called out to rid our lives of the idols that we cling to, and devote ourselves to God. We all have things that monopolize our attention and prevent us from reaching our full potential in God’s kingdom. If we would only give ourselves wholly to God, not only our church, but ourselves, our families, and communities will benefit from our devotion and receive God’s blessings. There is nothing that this world can offer that outweighs the blessings that we will receive for eternity with God.

My burden is that our church and the men in our church would be under attack this week in order to stifle the impact that this service had on our lives. We cannot let that happen. This shout out is a call to arms, not only to believers at Harvest Bible Chapel Lancaster, but to believers everywhere that Satan and his forces are alive and well, and that a battle is being waged right now for the hearts and minds of people around the world. There are temptations and struggles that we all deal with and cannot defeat on our own. Nobody is exempt from Satan’s influence and his forces are strong. We need to pray! We need to lift up our pastors! We need to lift up our leaders! We need to lift up our husbands! We need to lift up our wives and our children in prayer!

Churches are under attack! Strong biblical teaching is being replaced in many churches with compromised messages accommodating worldly ideals. In many churches, people fill the pews merely to fulfill a weekly obligation and are happy with shortened, watered down messages that get them out the doors quickly. Free speech and religious liberties are increasingly scrutinized and threatened.

Families are under attack! Pornography, slothfulness, self-indulgence, materialism, and workaholic attitudes are just some of the things that are tearing families apart.

Since finding Harvest Bible Chapel Lancaster, I have seen the power of God working in ways that I never have before. This body of believers is truly devoted to glorifying God and service to Him. Harvest Lancaster is a biblical community of Christ-followers who are making disciples and multiplying like-minded churches to the glory of God. Harvest is a part of Harvest Bible Fellowship, a fast growing fellowship of churches begun through the ministry of Pastor James Macdonald. Harvest churches are rapidly spreading around the world.

Harvest Lancaster exemplifies the four pillars that define the ministry:

  • Proclaiming the authority of God’s word without apology.
  • Lifting high the name of Jesus through worship.
  • Believing firmly in the power of prayer.
  • Sharing the good news of Jesus with boldness.

The process begins with Worship, lifting high the name of Jesus, being vertically focused with the impact spreading horizontally within the church, and from there reaching outward throughout the community and beyond. The emphasis then proceeds to strengthening our Walk, through small groups, discipleship classes, and powerful, clear, biblical teaching from the pulpit. Growth happens within the hearts of people through a two-step process of learning and living, learning and living, 1 foot in front of the other, never-ending process as God works in each person’s heart, and we walk according to the principles in God’s word. The process culminates with our Work, as we put into practice what we are learning and do our part to advance the growth of the church.

The product that is being produced at Harvest is a life that glorifies God, is gracious, growing, generous, and grateful. If this sounds like an advertisement, I suppose in a way it is, but more than that, it is an encouragement to anyone who does not attend church to find a church that they can be excited about and get to know God for who he is. The god of this world is Satan and he is powerful. But the God of the Bible is much more powerful and awesome and he will win the day!

If you are in a church now that feels stagnant, and your faith is limited to Sunday mornings and possibly Wednesday nights, you need to pray and ask God if you are in the right place. It may be that you need to actively engage yourself in the body of believers that you are currently a part of, and ignite the leadership of your church to seek God wholeheartedly. Or it might be that you need to find some place else to worship, where you can truly know and experience the power of God. What is important is that you make sure that the church that you are attending is one that is solidly grounded on God’s word and is one that is not making compromises to fit in with the world.

There is a spiritual battle being waged right now. Are you going to stand on the sidelines and watch and wait? Or are you going to put on your armor, grab your sword and join the battle? The church needs people to pray. The church needs people to immerse themselves in his word and draw near to God. The church needs you and you need the church!