God speaks to us in many ways. Sometimes it is through His written Word. Sometimes it is through a preacher, teacher, or friend. At times He speaks in dreams or random thoughts throughout the day. And at others, He speaks through written materials outside of the Word of God.

Each day, I read two devotionals, one by John Piper and one by David Jeremiah. Today, God pressed upon my heart the desire to share, as both seem particularly relevant to living with eternity in view.

David Jeremiah reflects on anticipation.

“Can you imagine a world without anticipation? How would we feel with nothing to look forward to? Welcome to non-Christianity. Without Christ, there’s no ultimate anticipation. There may be momentary prospects and incremental excitement, but lasting expectancy is missing. The future has no promise; it holds no hope. Everything is perishing or will perish. Death is the termination of our life, our families, our fortunes, our civilization, and even of the universe itself.

Thank God we have a message of hope! Our joy is complete as we look to the future return of our Lord and to the mansions He is preparing for us. Let’s live in anticipation today!”1

Without Jesus, all we have is the here and now.

But with Christ, we have the opportunity for eternity in the presence of God through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

That is something worth anticipating!

For more information on how you can enter into a personal relationship with Jesus, please follow this link (How can I be saved?).

Image by waldemar Kaczmarski from Pixabay

1 David Jeremiah’s Daily Devotional, June 2, 2020