On this Father’s Day, God placed before my eyes a passage in Matthew, leading up to the birth of Jesus, where Joseph learned that Mary was pregnant (Matthew 1:18-23). I couldn’t help wondering what it was like for him at that time. I can only imagine the range of emotions that flooded his mind and his soul.

He may have initially felt denial and disbelief. He thought that he knew Mary well. Could she possibly have behaved unfaithfully? Betrayal may have followed. How could she do this to me?

He may have felt anger and regret over time spent with a young lady with whom he would have no future.

I am sure he was fearful. What would other people think? How widely was this known?

He knew that their life together was over.

And yet he still loved her.

He worried about what this meant for her. He did not want her to die, a distinct possibility under Jewish law. Could they handle this quietly and avoid public disgrace?

And then the angel appeared, bringing with it a new set of emotions. He most likely felt immediate relief, that Mary had not been unfaithful, and assurance of her love for him, possibly mixed with shock, confusion, and disbelief. Was this actually happening?

I am sure that he felt humility mixed with excitement. God chose him out of all humanity to raise his Son.

And once reality set in, I am sure that he was fearful, with questions flooding his thoughts. How could he raise the Son of God? Could he meet God’s expectations? How would this be different from parenting a natural human child? What would other people think about Mary being pregnant at this stage in their relationship? And many more, I’m sure.

But God was in control. The passage states that all of this happened to fulfill what God had spoken to the prophets and is recorded in the Old Testament.

Joseph and Mary both trusted God, and so should we.

Everything that happens is under God’s sovereign control.

Today and every day, Praise God, our Heavenly Father, for all that He is and does.

Praise Him for providing the means for our salvation through Jesus.

Give Him the glory He deserves, and trust in His unfailing love, now, and for all eternity.

Image by Dami Wurtz from Pixabay