Thirty years ago today, I walked into the gym for gymnastics practice but left on a stretcher, never to walk again in this lifetime. An accident shortly after my arrival at practice left me paralyzed from the chest down, a C5 quadriplegic.

I just spent a fun evening celebrating with my family the life that God has given me.

It may seem strange to some to celebrate the day my life suddenly changed. What to many would be a tragedy, I give to God for His honor and glory.

Looking back over the last 30 years, I thank God for the many ways in which He has blessed me, including a loving wife and two amazing sons.

If you have never read my life story, please check it out, available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

2 thoughts on “Thank God

  1. Tim, You are an inspiration and blessing to everyone who knows you. We will have a small group Zoom meeting on Tuesday at 7. Tom will be at home. I’ll be at the cabin. Plumbergs are somewhere in the Midwest. Have a blessed weekend! Love, Barbara


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