I have heard it said and repeated that each of us has a God-shaped hole that we yearn inwardly to fill. Those who fail to establish and enter into a meaningful relationship with God can never truly experience inner peace and lasting satisfaction.

All pleasures and earthly endeavors are temporary and fleeting aside from the presence of God. Athletes, having dedicated enormous effort in training for competition, always peak in their ability to perform. Artists must continually reach within themselves as they strive to create new material.

Often, professions, once found exciting, fade in allure. Bodies become frail. Mental acuity diminishes. Ultimately, our bodies return to the dust from which we came. King Solomon, the wisest to ever live, was exceedingly rich. After denying himself no earthly pleasure, he considered all of it meaningless.

An individual’s only hope for lasting satisfaction is to invest his whole being in a relationship with the God of the universe. Within such a relationship lies the promise of eternal contentment and joy in the presence of a heavenly Father whose love for His children is immeasurable.

Only God Himself is big enough to fill the seemingly-endless longing in your life. Nothing else can ever come close and maintain a satisfying level of influence that will last for eternity. This longing in our inner being is like a black hole that is constantly consuming all that we can give. Only an infinite God can sufficiently satisfy it’s cravings. Our minds are too small and limited to understand God fully. But we can grow in a relationship with Him and gradually increase our knowledge and comprehension of who God is and what He wants from us. Additionally, within such a relationship, we learn more about ourselves and the world in which He created for us to live.

We are free to engage in and enjoy all that God provides for us in this world, all the while recognizing that our endeavors will ultimately amount to nothing and will quickly fade from the memories of those who remain once we are gone. Only those things that we do for the sake of bringing others into the family of God will produce effects with eternal impact.

The in-the-moment pleasures that we experience throughout our lifetimes are gifts from God, the source of all that is good and right in this world. But the end goal of each of us cannot be rooted in the things that God has made but in God Himself and eternal objectives.

If you don’t know Jesus as Lord and Savior, reach out to Him and take hold of life that will satisfy the longing in your soul. Make your life count for more than the present moment and live life for eternal rewards.

If you know Jesus, commit to living every moment of every day for the glory of God, increasing in righteousness, and growing in your knowledge and understanding of God as He works in and through you and fashions you into greater Christ-likeness.

Investing everything into an eternal relationship is something that you will never forget, but failure to do so will be eternally detrimental. Don’t wait until it is too late to make an impact for eternity.