Throughout the history of the United States of America, God has tremendously blessed this nation. From the beginning, the early settlers relied on God to lead them to a land that would provide them with an opportunity for freedom – freedom of religion, freedom from oppression, and freedom to live their lives on their terms and get a new start. 

The founding fathers of our country, by and large, believed in the sovereignty of God and designed our Constitution and governmental framework on principles consistent with Biblical Christianity. Centuries later, we have fallen into the trap that has tripped up nation after nation before us.  

Pride and self-exaltation have blinded the eyes of those in this country. People are openly rebelling against the teachings and principles in God’s Word. 

History has shown that nations having lived on Biblical principles and honoring God have prospered. Those rejecting God eventually come to ruin. 

In Scripture, as described in 2 Chronicles, newly-crowned King Rehoboam bungled his initial response to the peoples’ request for leniency (Chapter 10). But this chain of events was God-ordained, resulting from King Solomon’s departure from whole-heartedly following God late in his life. 

After that rocky start, King Rehoboam reigned well for three years, prospering while living by the principles laid down by God, as King David had lived and ruled. But his prosperity did not last long. Judah, with the Benjamites, soon adopted the practices of the surrounding wicked nations, rejecting and angering God. God gave them into the hands of their enemies, and their security crumbled around them. 

This recollection of the life and reign of King Rehoboam serves as a warning to us. 

Our founders built this country and its Constitution on Biblical principles, and over the centuries, we have seen incredible growth and prosperity, but not for everyone. The gap between the rich and poor has widened over the years, and racial tension plagues communities. Although many individuals and families benefit from the growth potential opportunities, many others deal with great suffering. 

But as a whole, God has tremendously blessed us, arguably more so than any nation in human history. 

We may, however, be in danger of losing any favor with God that has served to aid in the prosperity we have enjoyed. 

The values, goals, and ideals that define our culture are increasingly in opposition to Biblical principles and instruction, thus in opposition to God. The church is often no better than the population as a whole. Many pastors, Papal authorities, and clergy in numerous denominations and creeds lead their flocks down slippery slopes of iniquity, having turned from scripture to compromise with secular beliefs, desires, and ideas. 

It is past time for a return to God’s Word. Some of its teachings are difficult and contrary to today’s cultural norms. But ignoring its instruction is detrimental to the health and well-being of you, your family, and this nation. 

It’s time to take a stand for God and build your life’s foundation on the solid ground of the Word of God. You will not be disappointed. This life is incredibly short, and afterward lies an eternal existence in the presence of God for those who begin that relationship here on earth. 

Even if you currently enjoy a personal relationship with Jesus, be careful that pride does not diminish the quality of that relationship. I recently learned about the danger of pride in a study about the twelve apostles. The apostles shared a relationship with Jesus that was arguably more intimate than what He had with any other individual who ever lived. But pride tripped them up on more than one occasion, as they entertained dangerous ideas and acted recklessly. Yet Jesus patiently rebuked and guided them, as He does us. Following His crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension into heaven, they powerfully worked through the Spirit to build the early church on the foundation that He left.

The opportunity to join in the work of God through the Spirit lies before you, along with a rewarding relationship with the creator and sustainer of the universe. Don’t let pride get in the way.  

Spend time in His Word daily, and humble yourself under its teaching. Though uncomfortable at times, life redirection resulting from Biblical obedience will yield eternal rewards and benefits. 

Our lives on this earth are comparatively short and insignificant when viewed against the backdrop of eternity. Make sure that you’re living now under the Word of God, according to all of its teaching. In so doing, you will maximize the eternal-benefit of your earthly life. 

You won’t regret it!