Do you have a friend who always has a listening ear? Someone who knows your intimate secrets, always has your best interests at heart, and understands your deepest longings?

If you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you do!

Yet many of us, myself included, live much of our time as if alone.

Even though in His Word, God says He will never leave or forsake us. Even though Jesus constantly intercedes for us. Even though He knows the intimate details of our lives and watches over us, we largely ignore His presence and oversight of our daily lives.

He is there for us when we undergo trials and encounter hardship. He comforts the downhearted. By the Spirit, He guides us and never leaves our side. When we fall, He picks us up and strengthens us to continue. Jesus provides hope in difficult times and rejoices with us in our triumphs.

We can open our hearts to Him without fear of rejection. He already knows every thought and deed we will ever entertain.

And He loves us!

Even when we hated Him, He loved us!

He humbled Himself on our behalf to rescue us from sin. His love drove Him to the cross, where He died in our place.

We could not have a better friend who gave His life for us.

Yet daily, we ignore Him.

God is there for us at every turn.

If you do not know Jesus as Savior, Accept His gift of salvation today.

It is available to all through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Make every effort to acknowledge His presence at every moment and welcome His involvement in your life.

Jesus will be there for you when you need Him to give you hope.

He is with you when tempted and will strengthen you.

He will comfort you when sorrowful and rejoice when you triumph.

He is the best of friends.