We can all relate to the notion of uncertainty. We all face trials and challenges that force us to make decisions that affect our future well-being and livelihood. No one knows the intricate details of his or her life beyond the present. We have desires, goals, and reasonable expectations for the future but no guarantee … Continue reading Uncertainty?

Looking at COVID-19 With Eternity in View

We are living in unprecedented times right now. The whole world is engaged in a war, not with each other, but against a common enemy that has no regard for race or nationality. A virus is wreaking havoc and killing tens of thousands of individuals, most notably the elderly, in a very short amount of … Continue reading Looking at COVID-19 With Eternity in View

Tested Genuineness

We are all molded by the people, surroundings, and other influences that we grow up, in, and around, and by the trials we endure. Some things become integral parts of who we are and are genuine aspects of our being. If something is truly genuine, there is absolutely nothing that can change it under any … Continue reading Tested Genuineness

The Foreknowledge of God, Trials, and Peace

When going through trials, it is easy to get discouraged.  This is true of people ever since sin first entered the world through Adam and Eve in the garden on Eden.  It will be true until the return of Christ.   In the early church, the believers were suffering persecution for their beliefs and had been … Continue reading The Foreknowledge of God, Trials, and Peace