God is sovereign. I wholeheartedly believe that God is real and in control of all things. With God, there is no such thing as coincidence. The people God has surrounded me with, who have been invaluable resources and support to me over the years, have been amazing. From my parents, teachers, and friends to the managers, supervisors, and coworkers I interact with daily, I can feel God’s guiding hand over every aspect of my life.

God has also orchestrated my trials to help me grow in my understanding of His presence and purpose for my life and my relationship with Him. I don’t know what my life would be like without the trials I have endured, but I do not have to. My life events are what God has pieced together to make me who I am. I have experienced many blessings along the way-my wife, my children, my job, and the many friends I have made, to name a few.

Living as a quadriplegic is difficult, but I would not trade my life for anything. My struggles are temporary, and I would not be me without having come through them. I look forward to eternity, but God is not finished with me here and now. God still has work to do in me and the world, and as long as I am still here, I do too!