I feel as if it’s been a while since I last wrote regularly on this site. My life has taken me in different directions lately. The state of our nation has me deeply concerned, and I have been frequently distracted by the politics of our day, prompting me to publish a short book (Lives at Stake). 

Last year, I published an Android app on the Google Play Store (Custom Hand and Foot Scorecard) that provides an automated score card for a game that my family enjoys playing. Following the completion of my book, a defect in this program required my attention to resolve.

But now I am ready to get back to writing. Prior to my hiatus, I found it easy to jump online and write a little bit every day. It had become habitual for me to sit down at the computer to express my thoughts. Even when I wasn’t writing, my mind was frequently occupied with what I was presently working on and on what else I could write about.

But getting back into the habit of writing has proven to be more of a challenge than I had anticipated. I think that I have gotten lazy. When I was writing regularly, my mind was more active. Lately, it has been easy for me to sit and watch TV or browse the Internet. I know that writing is something that I want to do and feel that it is not only healthy for me to do so but also spiritually invigorating.

I think that it is highly probable that the reason for my lackadaisical approach to writing over the last couple of weeks is the presence of spiritual warfare going on around me.  I tend to feel better and closer to God when I write, which is contrary to the wishes of Satan and the demonic realm. 

Lord willing, publishing this post will get me started on the right track, and I can get back into a good habit once again.

Where do I want to go with this blog?

I hope to publish a mix of Biblical exposition, philosophical understanding, political opinion, and further insight into my personal life. My time is limited, so I cannot guarantee how frequently new posts will emerge.  I hope that you continue to visit and not only enjoy what you read, but that God blesses you through .my writing.

That’s all for now. Good day, and God bless!